> Madison, WI protest Feb 26-27

Governor Dumbass, Ronald Reagan on Line 2
Protestors March
I command you to be Openhanded
Capitol Resident Even I look Less Ridiculous than Scott Walker
Protestors March number2
Protestors March number3
Protestors March number4
Protestors March number5
Protestors March number6
Jen and Jon in front of Wl Capitol
Jen and Jon during Protest Rally Feb 26
What's Disgusting Union Busting
Boston 1773 called and they want their tea party back
We leave our protest signs outside
Instead of asking why are public employee benefits so good why not ask why are so many other peoples so bad
SHAME on the Republican assembly in WI
Support signs in Representatives windows
Support signs in representatives windows in capitol
Forward Statue for sale
Close up of forward statue for sale
Ethics Matter
Walker stop t bagging wi to support your koch habit
Imperial Walker
Capitol hallway lined w signs
Capitol hallway
Hey scott are you scared of teachers because we can read this bill
Iraq veterans against the war
Walls of the WI capitol lined with signs
One of the fab 14 courageous senators door
I think Ill sell wi power companies no bid mr burns
Fatcats 4 walker
Dome in the Madison Capitol during day
Dome in the Madison Capitol at Night
W needs 3 couRageous senators
Feb 27 we resist upstairs cops downstairs
Protestors resist leaving capitol
Cops for labor courageous men who sat in and risked arrest for the cause
Sit in to resist losing our home and get arrestted
Jen and Jon in the WI Capitol on Feb 27