> Madison, WI protest Feb 18-20

Badger close up
Beautiful windows above protestors
Capitol building wide shot of protestors
Capiton building wi
Firefighter parade flags
Firefighter parade start
Firefighters in parade
Firefighters parade line
First waves of protestors surround capitol
From my daughter scott
Full house
Gov who do you work for w dome view
If the national guard takes over prison who will save us from the zombies
Jen flipping off the governor's office
Kill the bill
Look at all these protestors
Looking down at protestors in capitol
Madison map
Packed in a beautiful house
Protest outside 2.19
Protesting the budget repair bill
Protestors inside cap
Protestors on the ground floor
Protestors outside capitol
Protestors outside of capitol 2.19
Protestors waiting
Protestors walk
Scott walker as a chicken