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Thank you for the updates! Without the first-hand testimonies, we would have no idea what is happening on the inside!


I have been following this blog for the last two days or so even though i don't have a twitter account or whatever this site is. there are many more out there refreshing your page obsessively. please keep doing what you're doing so the people showing solidarity around the country can still have truthful reporting on the most important story in the country


Courage brother. We're all gonna need it, but there's plenty to go around if we share with strength and solidarity. Thanks for fighting.


Please let us know any way that we can help. If there is a way to get you guys some food (during the day?) say so so we can help.


First question: how much longer are you going to be there?
Second question: how long does hitchhiking from Sacramento, CA take?
In all seriousness,

McKinley Rowe

To my dear friends Jon & Jenny,
Your commitment to this cause is outstanding. I would not expect anything less from you. Democracy is determined by people, such as you, that do not waver from adversity. Moments such as these makes so happy, and mostly, honored to be your friend. Godspeed.

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