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Our house! Solidarity forever! YOU are what democracy looks like, bless you! Let us know what you need!

Elizabeth Marshall

Awesome. This is unacceptable treatment of the citizens of our state. Assemblypeople climing in/out windows and meeting with constituents on the LAWN?!? Who's constitution? OUR constitution.

Chris Rockwood

Great news tonight: I'm sure you all know that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is fully backing recall efforts for Senate Republicans. What you might not know is that the petitions are actually ready! They were distributed today at the Milwaukee labor council meeting. Many of us will be canvassing in the districts this weekend instead of going to Madison, but you folks in the building are an inspiration to all of us (as are the people sleeping in "Walkerville" outside). The 14 are still strong (Larson and Coggs joined today's meeting by phone) and the Assembly Democrats continue their amazing performance. We are going to win. One day longer!

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