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how many peeps in the capitol now? thanks for reporting. it is so hard to find out details of the actual protests. walker's shenanigans are being reported at least some of them. it would be great to see live feed inside and outside the capitol. thanks for reporting and being there and working for workers rights!

Sheila Collins

So you are holding up alright in there? How many people do you estimate are inside? This is all so strange - people are in there, holed up like survivors of a nuclear blast. And people want to get in, but can't (so some are sleeping outside in the cold!) When is Walker's siege going to end? Keep up the reporting! I was really glad to stumble upon your site.

Marika Hoyt

We've loved TOI since they opened a few years ago, and will make a point of eating there more often!

Man, I hope they open the doors soon!

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