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Jean Sielaff

I Agree with you dear Jonathan!



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This is what I hope to do someday.' And yet we never sit down to do it. Instead we tell ourselves, 'It's too risky. I can't do that. I need this to start. I'm not writer/drawer/traveler/etc.' What we need to do is stop saying why we can't do it, and just say 'I WILL do it.' Because anyone can write/draw/travel/whatever.

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Religious make people believe in heaven has a we unseen person, he watched every time you have done everything, and this we see people have ten things don't want us to do, and if you do, he will send you to a place where people everywhere, the fire and smoke char, and you will never tolerate the pain and suffering, the flames and cries of pain, will continue until the end of time. However, he is love, and he needed the money.
4. Do you know the verdict, Texas what is the greatest impact? Fewer texans.
5. It reminds me of my third grade teacher and I said, she say: "you give me watching a tropical fruit, I'll show you a Guatemala oral sex attacker."

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It reminds me of my third grade teacher and I said, she say

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