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Nancy E

Thank YOU for keeping us all updated and making a stand for those of us who couldn't be there day in and day out!

You've done an EXCELLENT job!

Chris Rockwood

To the Rotunda Community: So many of us are very proud of what you accomplished. The Capitol will once again be open to everyone, and this 100% peaceful protest will be remembered for generations as the beginning of the great middle-class uprising against corporate power. Walker and the Republicans may yet win some short-term victories, but they are doomed. It is time to focus on the next phase of our campaign: recalling the Republican Senators.

THANK YOU for everything you've done.


I too wish to thank you. Let it be known that I am well over 50 years old and I have marched and gone to rallies over half of the days. I also am not a slob, good thing he didn't say that to me. We will be back today to march outside. Thank you

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kashka's voice

Thank you for sitting in, standing to power and rejecting their draconian pathways. We need to keep a voice in Democracy and stand for the middle class. You have made those of us, who know what civil disobedience was in the 60's, proud.

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