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Read the ruling. He has longer than tomorrow morning to open it, but by Tuesday morning it will be like it was in January.

Seriously, read it.


Right, the date mentioned is March 8, so I guess that's 48 working hours to get it opened back up. Excellent work, you all inside!!! You held the Capitol for us til the judge could confirm our rights. We'll see you on the outside - there's a big crowd waiting to cheer you!



Yep the date is Monday the 8th. The text of the ruling isn't on CCap yet though.



D'oh, I meant TUESDAY.

Nathan from Denver

I'm with you in spirit!


I'm in Michigan watching but my spirit is there with you along with my prayers.


With you in spirit, fight the fight,IT IS WORTH IT!!!!!


With you in spirit - I'm in Washington state. You are doing this for all of us!

S Pierce

Sending you support from PA!


Aloha from the jungles of lower Puna, Hawaii island. I'm with you all in spirit, and cheering you on. Stay strong! You are up against a system as big as a mountain, but with faith and persistence you can move that mountain! And, don't allow anyone to call you names. It just shows immaturity. BTW, all the hippies moved out here where I am. They dress the same but they're much older, and guess what? Lots of them are now teabaggers! You are heroes. Never forget that! God bless you!


down here in georgia pulling for you.


Was it worth it? And did you not have enough time while sitting in there to proof your posts? I'm glad you're finally out of our capitol building and it can go back to business hours only :)

M. Bell-Ferguson

Atlanta, GA, here and a member of the 9to5 Working Women's National Organization. I support you!


I'm here in Florida but I'm with you in spirit. Keep fighting the good fight.

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