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Jennifer Kohut

I don't know if I've seen many things more beautiful than that gorgeous building covered with remnants of the people's thoughts, tears, hopes, and fears! Some of these elephants have joined the circus and I think that means they have to wear sparkly blinders...

There is no dignity in taking rights from the people and sequestering away in a palace. Thank you for restoring some dignity to our house!

Jean Sielaff

Jonathan, I was on the outside earlier today. There were some Milwaukee folks wanting to get in. We explained what they needed to do. (Hopefully they brought in some supplies with them.) I was describing how incredible beautiful the inside is with all the signs hanging. It is truly an amazing sight. I would have been frustrated with that comment too. Keep up the fight.


I said to a friend last week, regarding the signs, "I'm going to miss these when they eventually all come down." I love the visual representation of the people's power, and I really enjoyed walking around looking at all of the different signs.

Elizabeth Marshall

Only a facist lunatic would think those signs were a "shame." I was so glad to see that they hadn't been taken down. Like woodstock, our moment together in there was beautiful while it lasted, and we are fighting outside to be let back INSIDE. Whether hungry, sleep deprived or smelly, you are ALL our HEROES!!! Thank you!

Robin Samelson

Democracy by the people throughout our history has, at times, been messy! And beautiful and most of all -- resonate with all the souls who have lived and died to keep it working. Now that it is broken, this protest should last 2,3,4 years to restore the republic. A Constitutional Amendment can take only one year to come to fruition -- starting with this great leadership in Wisconsin.

Robin Samelson

May every state capitol building across the nation be filled with signs of protest -- art, drawings, text, photos -- on large paper, on banners and backdrops, on large rolls of paper that stretch 10, 20, 30 feet across and vertical. And may that signage STAY THERE, may it be replenished for the next 2, 3, 4 years until we have repealed Citizens United and replenished the state and federal treasuries with taxes back up to a 60% or 70% level on the uber rich.

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