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Jennifer Isaacson

stay strong! I'm in Milwaukee, is there anything I can do from here? can we send you food? can I get a store to pass you a blanket or something? email me or @ me on twitter (desjardins)


Thank you for keeping us informed with news from "inside" the capital building. I am presently in South Florida and super proud of you folks standing up against the heavy handed corporate government!

Marika Hoyt

Admiration and hats off to you, from the Near West side of Madison. We need to figure out how to get food to you guys.


Dear Jonathan,
Thank you so much for holding strong inside the capitol. Please share with your fellow protesters that you have the admiration and gratitude of your city, your state, and your country. I have been at the protests outside the building and am trying to get the story out to friends and family around the country who want to know what is really happening. Your blog is invaluable. Be strong, take care of yourself, and please keep us informed. --In solidarity.

Amy Kraus

Thank you for fighting for democracy. Please let everyone inside know that most of Wisconsin is with you. We appreciate and admire your strength and conviction. I dropped off some food today and acetemetametiphin (sp?) today. Please let everyone know the creature comforts you need so we can help.

Thanks again. In solidarity!


@Amy: Thank you for the food and drugs, I assure you both are being put to good use. As for items needed, I just checked our inventory and it seems as though we had quite the successful smuggling op today. Food is still at a premium though so any we get we are extremely thankful for.


Thank you. You and the others are true heroes and patriots and we appreciate your sacrifice in standing up for the rights of all workers. I was out protesting in Texas last Saturday and will be at every rally in Texas possible to show my support for you all! You have our prayers and best wishes. And remember, you and the Wisconsin 14 are stronger than any concrete barricades!


Thanks to everyone. Wisconsin is proud of you.


Thank you, thank you. I am a public employee in Vermont. I am a Union employee. We shall not be moved. Wisconsin government employees God Bless you all, you are America's leaders, Vermont Union Employees stand with you.


Thank you Wisconsin! You are standing up for us all. We support you here in New Jersey!

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